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The Spa at Alaska Luxury Adventures is a refuge for your senses, a safe haven to surrender the stresses and concerns of daily life. You will begin your journey with a hot cup of organic tea or cool, fruit-infused filtered water and an herbal foot soak prior to your spa treatment...where relaxation and rejuvenation await.

Relish in the experience of natural healing that is combined with intuitive and holistic traditions from the East and Europe. Welcome to the Spa at Alaska Luxury Adventures.

Each guest will select one of the following treatments to receive during their stay. Guests of Second Star Mansion choosing the 7-day Spectacular Alaska experience will choose two.

Essence of Kachemak Bay Massage

The herbal poultice massage is a medicinal muscle treatment that incorporates both hands-on massage and the therapeutic value of a warm herbal compress to help surrender all your stress. Organic and wild-crafted herbs of eucalyptus, calendula, lavender, pine, sage, and arnica are used to capture the essence of the healing nature surrounding Kachemak Bay while providing soothing aromatherapy and deep muscle release. 

Alaska River Stone Massage

Experience nature's therapeutic basalt and jade stones, integrated with massage, to readily open taut muscles, relieve joint pain, and melt tension with this deeply relaxing treatment. 

Katmai Restorative Massage

A soft, healing touch with medium pressure, combined with energy work that includes Reiki, a Japanese form of life force energy healing, chakra balancing to increase energy flow through all seven chakras, or other energy modalities. This beautiful treatment allows for a relaxing massage that re-energizes your body, heals you, and promotes overall well-being. 

St. Augustine Fusion Massage

A traditional Swedish treatment with medium to deeper pressure, offering a blend of synergized massage modalities for your individual needs.

Classic massage strokes to improve circulation and gentle stretches to relieve muscle tension, this treatment creates a relaxing experience with a deeper release where your body needs it.

Iliamna Therapeutic Massage

Ideal for more athletic and active individuals, this deep-tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle, using slower, intent strokes, direct-pressure-point, range-of-motion and friction techniques to energize and release tension. Perfect to enhance recovery following any strenuous sport of activity.

Little Fireweed Maternal Balancing Massage

Designed for moms-to-be and during post-natal care. Our body-support pillows are used along with pre/post-natal pillows to provide the utmost comfort. Only the most pregnancy-safe oil blends are used in combination with specialized massage techniques to relieve and release muscle tension, fatigue and stress, revitalizing mom and baby.

Skilak Reflexology

Alaska is a place of healing energy, and reflexology is based on the principle that this energy flows freely around the body when we are in good health—and that reflex areas on the feet correspond to every part of the body. Surrender and revel in your therapist's pressure to specific points to unblock energy flow and promote the body's natural healing from within. 

Mystic Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Relax and heal with a gentle, yet highly effective stress-relief therapy that focuses on the central nervous system through light pressure and movement from the scalp along the spinal column down to the sacrum.
This modality promotes the movement of the fluids in and around your central nervous system, to promote healing and well-being.

Midnight Sun Table Thai Massage

Thai massages have been practiced for more than 2,500 years to promote healing and treat a number of diseases. Performed on a massage table without oil, this treatment includes gentle, rhythmic rocking, pressure and stretching that balances the flow of Qi energy throughout the body, improving flexibility, relieving muscle tension, and promoting deep relaxation. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Fox River
Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage that assesses the Hara, the spiritual center of the body both physically and energetically.

Then using light pressure from fingers, palms, and elbows, the therapist balances the flow of Ki or Qi through the meridians of the body. This leads to both increased physical health and a sense of well-being.

Revitalizing Duo Scalp and Foot Massage

Hot oil scalp massage with aromatherapy such as lavender, rosemary, citrus or a custom blend of your choice accompanied by hot compressed towels for the feet and reflexology for your optimal relaxation. Find deep and wonderful relaxation with a focus on your scalp and your feet. Wear comfortable clothing for this treatment.

Shooting Star Body Scrub

Start your massage with a full coverage exfoliation using our dry skin brushing gloves and then indulge in our invigorating body polish made just for you, followed by an extremely relaxing and hydrating body butter of your choice with massage. This treatment is sure to leave you polished, nourished and glowing from the inside out.

Whole Body Crystal
Sound Healing

Akna is an Inuit (Alaskan) goddess. This treatment utilizes a combination of sound healing tools and tuning forks applied to specific acupressure points that access the body's meridian and chakra energy systems. These sounds represent the Earth, Sun, Moon, and planets. Their rich resonance and vibration connect with and support the body's natural frequencies connecting mind, body, and spirit in the journey towards optimal health and attunement.

Forget-Me-Not Relaxing Herb and Flower Treatment

This delightful massage offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Muscular tension is dispelled with a healing massage using our own signature serenity blend oil to relax body and mind. Next, lavender & sage poultices filled with farm-fresh herbs and flowers are steeped in warm water and applied to the body. The soothing warmth induces a deeper state of relaxation while the heat and herbs signal the body to regenerate and repair tissues.

Wellness Classes and Experiences

Alaska. The Last Frontier. The Land of the Midnight Sun. Filled not only with wild beauty and unique wildlife but with amazing people, as rugged as the landscape. Using the wilderness and natural resources as inspiration, Alaskan chefs and artists create culinary delights, incredible art, and offer eclectic wellness and healing experiences and activities.

Wellness Activities

Upon booking your all-inclusive stay, you will be able to request classes and activities, as well as private wellness treatments and experiences. Your choices will be incorporated into your daily itinerary while staying with Alaska Luxury Adventures.

Movement Classes

Create a new beginning, or enhance your current body program, with a Private Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Meditation class. Available in either a group or an individual format.

Vitality Bar

In each spectacular property you can also take advantage of our Alaskan Vitality Bar, highlighting local superfoods such as wild honey, fine chocolates, mushroom Changa Tea and herbal infused water.     

Premium Add-On Massages

If you want a truly decadent and deep treatment that goes well beyond an hour, you can choose to upgrade to one of our premium treatments. Cost to you is noted under each menu item.


Spirit of Kachemak Bay Journey

You can choose to extend of any of the above signature treatments to 90 or 120 minutes in length. Your therapist will work with you to customize your additional time. Please let Alaska Luxury Adventures know before-hand, so we can schedule all the time you desire.

Add on 30 minutes (total of 90 minutes): $105
Add on 60 minutes (total of 120 minutes): $175


Mermaid Chakra Balancing with Raindrop Therapy

Combines unique targeted massage with pure authentic oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. The Raindrop Therapy pulls together both Native American and Ayurvedic traditions, used for centuries heal and energize the body and mind. This ancient healing therapy uses acupressure points, many of the 107 Marma points or doorways into the body and consciousness.

Each point allows for entry into the chakras, infused with oils, enhancing the vibrational energy centers along the spine, into the subtle body, both releasing blocked energy and stimulating healing and serenity.

Takes two hours, cost for guests $175.


Grewingk Glacier Mud

Powerful treatment for cleansing, detoxing, and purifying the skin. Begin with a beautiful exfoliating body scrub to remove impurities and increase energy flow. Then, experience our mineral-rich glacier mud that is scooped from the Copper River Delta in Alaska applied all over the body.

This rich natural glacial mud contains 60+ trace elements, promoting healthy skin cell regeneration and rejuvenating the body. Finish your treatment with the ultimate pampering of a deep and relaxing massage.

Takes two hours, cost for guests: $175.
ALASKA LUXURY Spa is committed to the holistic and organic approach for treatments and products alike, and are supported by organic skin and body care from locally sourced and Made in Alaska products wherever possible.

We invite all spa guests to be available at least 10 minutes prior to their treatment to allow time for the arrival experience and to comfortably change. Please wear your robe from your guestroom, or whatever is appropriate for the treatment you have chosen, and in which you are most comfortable. Please note that late arrivals may result in shortened treatments, out of respect for other guests' time.

We follow stringent protocols for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention.

See what our fans are saying!

“It’s so peaceful!” Anywhere you go you will notice areas where business owners say "we've got to cut costs somewhere..." but not at the 2nd Star! Every detail... it's hard to explain how intricate and awesome they did on making this place! It's so peaceful! The views are remarkable. You can truly relax here. Thank you so much!!
— Jackie Ostroot
Can you say....A DREAM!? I'll keep re-living this get away until I get to come back again! Every last detail is amazing, along with the staff that helped make our trip go even more smoothly with food in our bellies along the way! A bonfire by the ocean at night while the tide was going out couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you for making a dream of yours into one of mine!
— Sara Beth Borchardt
This home is truly a masterpiece pointing us to the world of a child's imagination. Every detail is so thought out, every inch carefully crafted and the artistry sings something glorious, launching one into the joyful, recollection of their childhood play. It inspires us that beauty still exists in this world and that we are all just big kids needing to be loved and sometimes reminded to have fun!
— Elizabeth Garvey

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