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Great Alaskan Art

Alaska. The Last Frontier. Land of the Midnight Sun. Filled not only with wild beauty and unique wildlife, but amazing people, as rugged as the landscape. Using the wilderness and the natural resources as inspiration, Alaskan artists create magnificent art.

We have partnered with talented Alaskan artists to offer unique Alaskan gifts to our guests, as well as the opportunity to discover your own artistic center through custom art classes offered during your stay. Entirely voluntary, you can explore and develop your own creativity with the guidance of celebrated Alaskan artists.

Homer itself is a mecca for local artistry, and there are a number of galleries both on the Homer Spit and downtown. We invite you to soak in the talent and beauty of the Alaskan people.



Homer has a few wonderful museums where you can learn about local history, art, and the unique landscape and ecosystem. Immerse yourself in the culture and surroundings of this beautiful place, and learn more about our wildlife and oceans.

Take the opportunity to feel for yourself the 1,000,000 hairs per square inch from an actual sea otter pelt at the Islands & Oceans Visitors Center.



Homer has a thriving art scene and is home to an incredible number of talented artists. If you are inspired and moved by beautiful art, visit some of the amazing galleries close to the mansions.

Some of them aggregate dozens of artists with an eclectic assortment of unique Made in Alaska artwork, jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Pratt Museum

Homer's Cultural Museum

779 Bartlett St, Homer
Hours: Thurs/Fri, 11AM - 4PM
Distance from us: 4.6 miles

The Pratt Museum is a natural history museum dedicated to preserving the art, culture, and natural environment of the Kachemak Bay region.

Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies

Green Alaska

708 Smoky Bay Way, Homer
Hours: Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Distance from us: 4.0 miles

The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies is an environmental education center dedicated to educating folks about the Kachemak Bay area's unique ecosystems. 

Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center

Alaskan Wildlife

95 Sterling Hwy, Homer
Summer: Daily, 9AM - 6PM
Winter: Tues - Sat, 12PM-5PM
Distance from us: 4.8 miles

Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, considered the entrance to the world's largest seabird refuge, helps visitors with an understand Alaska's Pacific coastline.

Ptarmigan Arts

Woodwork, Sculpture, and Paint

471 E Pioneer Ave, Homer
Distance from us: 4.0 miles

Located in downtown Homer,
Ptarmigan Arts has been in business since 1984. Ptarmigan Arts is a cooperative owned and operated by member artists.

The Dean Gallery

Metalwork & Prints

Location: 40374 Waterman Rd, Homer, AK
Distance from us: 2.2 miles

The Dean Gallery is made up of a variety of contemporary Alaskan art pieces, primarily wood and metal artwork. You'll find carved wood sculptures, wood panels, and prints.

Norman Lowell Gallery

An Alaskan Artist

70117 Norman Lowell Rd, Anchor Point
Distance from us: 16.4 miles

The homestead is on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Anchor River. The 10,000 square-foot gallery is home to Norman Lowell's many sketches and paintings of the Alaskan surrounding. 


Alaskan Luxury Gallery

Rather than just looking at art, or creating your own, you can also buy a local artist's masterpiece if you so desire.

Paintings on offer are displayed in Second Star's Mansion, so you'll be able to make a bid on it only steps away from your room.

See what our fans are saying!

“It’s so peaceful!” Anywhere you go you will notice areas where business owners say "we've got to cut costs somewhere..." but not at the 2nd Star! Every detail... it's hard to explain how intricate and awesome they did on making this place! It's so peaceful! The views are remarkable. You can truly relax here. Thank you so much!!
— Jackie Ostroot
Can you say....A DREAM!? I'll keep re-living this get away until I get to come back again! Every last detail is amazing, along with the staff that helped make our trip go even more smoothly with food in our bellies along the way! A bonfire by the ocean at night while the tide was going out couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you for making a dream of yours into one of mine!
— Sara Beth Borchardt
This home is truly a masterpiece pointing us to the world of a child's imagination. Every detail is so thought out, every inch carefully crafted and the artistry sings something glorious, launching one into the joyful, recollection of their childhood play. It inspires us that beauty still exists in this world and that we are all just big kids needing to be loved and sometimes reminded to have fun!
— Elizabeth Garvey

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