Alaska Distilleries & Drinks

Your Spectacular Alaska All-Inclusive Package includes daily drinks and spirits, many of them locally crafted. Learn here about where things are made, sold, and savored in the town of Homer.

From the Bear Creek Winery where they use locally grown fruit to create uniquely Alaskan wines, to the Homer Brewing Company, the Grog Shop, and the somewhat famous Salty Dawg Saloon on the Homer Spit—there are lots of fun ways to sate your thirst while staying in the Alaska Luxury Adventures mansions. If any of them look tempting, just let your personal concierge know and we will make sure they are available for you to try.

Bear Creek Winery

Address: 60203 Bear Creek Dr., Homer, AK
Phone number: 907-318-2470

Monday - Saturday: 12PM - 6PM
Sunday 12PM - 4PM

What do they offer:
Starting in 2003, this local winery uses raspberries, blueberries, rhubarb, and more to create unique and award-winning wines. Their small-batch wine-making model ensures excellent wine quality with 9 core flavors and 5 seasonal wines available in their shop.

They also offer wonderful wine-tasting experiences and have beautiful grounds and gardens. In December, they create a Garden of Lights for the community with hot chocolate, bonfires, and light displays.

Sweetgale Meadworks and Cider House

Address: 3657 Main Street, Homer AK
Phone Number: 907-690-1786

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 2PM – 7PM

What do they offer?
Sweetgale crafts small-batch meads and cider with one goal: to showcase the aromas and flavors of Alaska's fruit, berries, and honey, using nothing but locally produced inputs. In February of 2022, their Alpine Blueberry mead won Best of Show out of 92 entries at the Texas Mead Cup.

Their cider contains nothing but fresh local apples and their meads are nothing but local honey, fruit, and water. Natural wines like theirs should be opened with care, as they may over time develop significant natural effervescence.

Sweeter meads and ciders are available by the glass in their tasting room and can be bottled upon request.

Homer Brewing Company

Address: 1411 Lake Shore Dr, Homer, AK
Phone: 907-235-3626

Monday - Saturday: 1PM - 7PM
Sunday: 1PM - 6PM

What drinks do they offer?
The Homer Brewing Company is another popular option for drinks if you are more interested in what a traditional brewhouse offers. Their flagship beers are worth a taste if you are in the neighborhood.

While they do offer five flavors year-round, you'll also be able to grab seasonal bottles throughout the year. They range in different styles and tastes, but they are all exceptional.

Not into beer, but still want to explore the brewery? Not to worry! You can walk through the company premises on a sort of self-guided tour! Additionally, if you just want a non-alcoholic beverage, you can grab a bottle of Alaska Chai Tea to quench your thirst.

Salty Dawg Saloon

Address: 4380 Homer Spit Rd, Homer, AK
Phone: 907-235-6718

Hours: 7 days a week
Winter 12PM - 8PM
Summer 11AM - 12AM
What do they offer?
The Salty Dawg is an Alaskan favorite since 1957. It's quaint wilderness cabin is iconic as the place in Homer for a cold drink—for both locals and tourists alike.

The building was one of the first cabins built in Homer in 1897, soon after Homer became a town. It served as the first post office, a railroad station, a grocery store and a coal mining office for 20 years. It was moved to its current location after the 1964 earthquake and the distinctive lighthouse tower was added to cover an unsightly storage tank, creating one of Homer's most recognizable landmarks.

If you've never heard of a drink called the Duck Fart, or had a drink under a canopy of thousands of $1 bills, you probably haven't been to the Salty Dawg Saloon. The Duck Fart was featured on an episode of the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. It's a layered shot with Bailey's, Kahlua, and Crown Royal whiskey.

Grace Ridge Brewery

Address: 870 Smoky Bay Way, Homer, AK
Phone: 907-435-0601

Every Day: 3PM - 7PM

What drinks do they offer?
This quaint little brewery is family-owned and operated. Beer is their primary focus, and if you have questions about flavors, the brewing process, or the brewery itself, they are incredibly warm and welcoming to Homer tourists!

Alaskan Spirits

Address: 7605 King St, Anchorage, AK
Phone: 907-290-7177

This distillery earned the Gold and Bronze medial in the 2019 Great American Spirits Competition. They know what they are doing!

What drinks do they offer?
Before you come to Homer, or before your flight home, you may want to stop at Alaskan Spirits in Anchorage. This adorable drink boutique serves up amazing drinks from ingredients grown right here in Alaska!

Alyeska Blueberry Vodka, Denali Fireweed Vodka, or regular Potato Vodka are all on the menu as the spirits this company makes.

If you're curious about the distillery, you can take a 20-minute tour of the facility and learn how the drinks are made. It's a pretty wonderful experience and could be a fascinating tour for spirit fanatics.

The Grog Shop

Address: 369 E Pioneer Ave, Homer, AK
Phone: 907-235-5101

Sunday - Thursday: 8AM - 12AM
Friday - Saturday: 8AM - 1AM

What drinks do they offer?
This cute shop offers one of the most diverse collections of Alaska-created spirits and wines in all of Homer! According to their website, they have over 1500 different kinds of wine in a temperature-controlled room.

While they specialize in wine and spirits, they also have a collection of beer and malt scotches for those with a strong hankering for fine alcohol.

If you're curious about what each wine pairs with, The Grog Shop has an in-house sommelier that will be more than happy to give you pairing advice.

Alaska's drink scene is unique and a lot of fun. Let us know if you want anything brought to the mansion to try or if you want to venture out on the town.


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